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Coffee Machine Dalla Corte Evo2 4 Blackboard

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Coffee Machine Dalla Corte Evo2 4 Blackboard

Automatic with volumetric dosage espresso coffee machine.

  • Dimensions: 1150x525x510 mm
  • Voltage / Watt: 400V / 6000W
  • Boiler: Hot water steam 13lt, coffee 4x0,5lt
  • Group: 4
  • Weight: 100 Kg
  • BlackBoard Version. Innovative color cover that turns the surface of the machines to a blackboard where messages can be communicated
  • Designed and produced by the inventor of multiboiler technology Paolo Dalla Corte
  • Original multi boiler technology. Independent boiler in every coffee brewing group and separate boiler for hot water and steam
  • Four programmable doses per group plus manual brewing
  • System that allows independent temperature in every group with electronic adjustment at accuracy of 1/10C° DTCS (Direct Temperature Control System)
  • A display on the aluminum front panel for easy use and constant control of parameters from the barista.
  • Access to most sensitive parameters only through 3 password levels
  • Well studied machine internal for easy at service.
  • P.I.D. ensures perfect control of group temperature
    guaranteeing greater group thermal stability
  • Online control system enables distance controlling and monitoring the machine (OCS)
  • Serial port for the connection with dalla corte grinder on demand, remote control and adjustment of the grinder by the machine (GCS)
  • 30% energy saving comparing to traditional espresso coffee machines
  • 2 manometeres for pressure control in boiler and steam wand
  • Αll machine parts exposed to water have been manufactured using a new alloy that does not release heavy metals and is lead free (0.2% lead content and some parts are completely lead-free)


Product Type:
Espresso Machine
Features and Functions:
6000 Watt
Suitable for making milk foam:
Water Capacity:
13 lt
No of Groups:
1 έτος


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