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Coffee Machine Gaggia Besana

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Coffee Machine Gaggia Besana

Ultra-automatic coffee machine with built-in mill, Italian made


• Maximum production of 50 cups per day
• Premium quality authentic Italian espresso at the touch of a button
• Compact design with flexible design and easy access to all removable parts of the machine
• Quick temperature recovery boiler
• Detachable water tank
• Detachable coffee brewing unit
• Removable 8-dose coffee residue container
• Classic Pannarello for steam production that allows velvet cappuccino cream to be prepared in the traditional way by professional barista
• Memo function that allows you to customize the amount of coffee in the cup and store it to your liking
• Gaggia Adapting System: Automatic adjustment of milling parameters to ensure precise amount of ground coffee regardless of the choice of coffee beans
• Self cleaning system. Automatic cleaning cycle activated when the machine is powered on or when it enters stand-by mode. Necessary to
keep the coffee making circuit always clean and at the appropriate temperature to ensure the perfect tasty effect
• Notice of desalination
• Grinding mill with ceramic knives. Durable, 100% ceramic knives extract the most authentic coffee beans without overheating with the risk of burning
coffee guarantees long lasting performance, noise loss and best cup performance
• Adjustable milling degree to 5 degrees
• Automatic stand-by function


Dimensions: 295x420x325mm

Voltage / Power: 230V / 1400 W

Coffee Bean Container Capacity: 180gr

Water tank capacity: 1 lt

Pump Pressure: 15 bar



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