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Shakerato : the italian version of Freddo Espresso!


Freddo Espresso may be a Greek invention and monopolize Greek summers, but in the homeland of espresso there is another frozen coffee: Shakerato!

Freddo Espresso and Freddo Cappuccino are without a doubt the most popular coffees in Greece, at least for the warm months. They are Greek inventions and they are kneaded with the Greek coffee culture, which they co-formed and determined to a large extent. Although urban legend says that in neighboring Italy, the birthplace of espresso, there are no frozen coffees, this is half truth, as there is Shakerato, much like Freddo Espresso.

Although the basic philosophy behind Freddo Espresso and Shakerato is the same, namely the transformation of espresso into icy, refreshing coffee suitable for the high temperatures of the Mediterranean summer, there are differences that can allow us to do because of two different, discrete beverages. Summarizing their differences, we can observe that Shakerato is always struck with sugar or sugar syrup, and therefore very sweet, unless requested in advance. Still, it is traditionally served in a martini glass, while Freddo Espresso does not have a specific serving style. Finally, the Greek Freddo Espresso is usually served with extra ice in the glass or even with the ice cubes that did not completely melt during the preparation, while Shakerato is beaten into a cocktail shaker and drained before serving. Generally speaking, Shakerato's production is more like cocktail than coffee - and its serving the same.

The main difference, however, is in the coffee culture developed in Greece and Italy. While Freddo Espresso is the rule for the Greek summer, Shakerato in Italy remains an exception. In Greece, we tend to go to the end of the hot coffee in the summer months, consuming almost exclusively frozen coffee and creating a framework that made Freddo Espresso king of the Greek summer. On the contrary, the Italians do not easily relinquish their favorite espresso, not even the big heatwaves. Shakerato is a "different" choice, but he does not enjoy the popularity Freddo enjoys in Greece!


What do you need for a  Shakerato;

  • Martini glass
  • A double espresso
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • Ice


How is Shakerato prepared?reeze 

  • Put the Martini glass in the freeze, so that it becomes cold
  • Extract your espresso and dissolve the sugar very well.
  • In a shaker cocktail, shake the coffee with the ice for twenty to thirty seconds
  • Strain and serve in Martini's frozen glass.



Tips for an authentic Italian Shakerato 

  • The essential difference is in serving! Choosing a glass of Martini or a glass for Margarita and freezing it, you get a step closer to the authentic Shakerato.
  • Ordering Shakerato in Italy, the barista will prepare a sweet, icy coffee. If sugar is not your taste, you can skip it, but you are getting away from authentic serving.
  • Many espresso bars prepare Shakerato with simple sugar syrup, such as that used in cocktails. By replacing sugar with syrup, it is supposed to improve the texture of the coffee.
  • Like Freddo Espresso, you also need an intense coffee with strong body that keeps its flavor when it cools without "splashing". A Robusta-rich blend, such as Grande Ristorazione or Lavazza's Gran Espresso, is an ideal choice for Freddo or Shakerato.
  • Serve without ice, as this is one of the main differences of Shakerato by Freddo Espresso.


Freddo Espresso or Shakerato are nothing but variations of our beloved coffee that was born from the hot, Mediterranean summer. Whatever we decide to serve or call it, our favorite coffee is always tasty, delicious and enjoyable ... it is the coffee we deserve!