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Exclusive Representatives

At, our primary goal is to make quality espresso available to the Greek public. Our fifteen years of experience in the field of coffee and our constant search for new espresso blends, has brought us in contact with the most important companies in Europe and around the world, with which we have established relationships of mutual trust.

In this context, we are particularly proud to have the right of exclusive representation and distribution for the Greek market of three espresso brands, rightfully belonging to the cream of the Italian coffee industry: the legendary Sant 'Eustachio espresso from Rome, the classic New York from Tuscany which launches some of the most delicious and quality espresso blends in the world, and the up-and-coming Caffè Lab from Florence, exploring rare coffee origins from around the world.


Espresso brands in exclusive distribution for Greece


New York is a roastery based in Pistoia, Tuscany, Italy. Its history begins in the 1930s, when the New York espresso bar began experimenting with coffee, trying to create a special blend for its selected customers. The success of the blend was such that it soon became the main activity of New York! The company is responsible for some of the most remarkable espresso blends you will ever try, such as the New York Extra, as few have the skill to handle unique coffees, such as Jamaica Blue Mountain, as successfully as New York blenders! At the same time, New York is launching the Monorigini line, giving coffee lovers the opportunity to try single-variety coffees from various countries, such as Cuba, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Cameroon and many more. You can see all the products of New York, here.


Sant 'Eustachio is located in the heart of Rome, in the square of the same name, opposite the church of Saint Eustachio and just a few meters from the Pantheon. Starting in 1932, it still holds the title of "Rome's best espresso". The unique taste of its blend is the result of mixing a variety of quality beans from different parts of the world (from Ethiopia and Brazil to the Galapagos Islands and St. Helen) as well as the traditional roasting on wood. While a visit to the café (which retains its legend even today) is unique, the taste of an Sant ’Eustachio espresso can take you to Rome in just a few sips. You can see all the products of Sant 'Eustachio, here.


Caffè Lab is a Florence-based coffee company founded by the people behind Mokaflor, one of the highest quality espresso companies in Northern Italy. Utilizing the know-how, experience and quality of Mokaflor, Caffè Lab explores coffee in depth, discovering the best single-origin coffees and providing its audience with truly rare delights. Caffè Lab's single-variety choices come from countries such as Ethiopia, Guatemala, Nepal, Tanzania, Santo Domingo and many more, while its menu includes some really rare and gourmet coffees such as Jamaica Blue Mountain, Hawaii Kona and the Indonesian Kopi Luwak. You can see all the products of Caffè Lab, here.



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