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Coffee Machine Gaggia Magenta Milk

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Coffee Machine Gaggia Magenta Milk

• TFT color screen and 8 capacitive keys (2 illuminated keys)
• Dynamic and unpretentious design, small dimensions, ideal for modern kitchens
• 9 different drinks with one touch
• Step-by-step on-screen cleaning instructions
• Automatic cycles: rinsing, cleaning the milk system and desalination
• Outlet adjustable in height 70 / 150mm
• Stainless steel espresso grill for espresso extraction at the right distance from the spout ensuring perfect cream and
clean surface
• Reception of ground coffee
• CUPPinCUP system with a patented cyclonic chamber of automatic production of rich foam milk and muzzle
serving frothed milk in the cup. Quick and easy cappuccino making without moving the cup or glass
• Glass milk container, capacity 0.4lt
• Coffee grinder with ceramic knives that ensure quiet grinding, long-term high efficiency and extraction of
best aromas of coffee
• 5 grinding adjustment options
• Coffee bean container lid that seals to retain the aromas of coffee beans even longer
• Optiaroma function. Ability to adjust the intensity of the perfume per cup, between 5 options
• Memo function: Save the settings of your favorite drinks with one click
• Pre-brewing function ensures excellent taste and body in espresso. His first wetting
ground coffee before the actual extraction enlivens its aromas and flavors ensuring the best possible
tasty result
• Detachable coffee maker for easy cleaning
• Detachable coffee waste container with a capacity of 15 doses
• Quick temperature recovery boiler made of lightweight aluminum and stainless steel that reaches high
temperature very quickly reducing to a minimum the waiting time between drinks
• Adjustable amount of coffee in the cup
• Adjustable coffee temperature
• Outer casing, black metal ABS




Product Type:
Espresso Machine
Features and Functions:
15 bar
1900 Watt
Suitable for making milk foam:
Water Capacity:
1,8 lt
No of Groups:
2 έτη


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