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Coffee Machine Naviglio Milk

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Gaggia Naviglio Milk Coffee Machine


• Excellent quality espresso at the touch of a button
• Simple and easy to use dashboard
• Independent, illuminated with LED function keys
• Fast temperature recovery boiler made of lightweight aluminum and stainless steel that quickly recovers high temperature
• Detachable water tank
• Detachable coffee brewing unit
• Removable 10-dose coffee residue container
• New CUPPinCUP system with patented cyclone-rich automatic foam chamber and muzzle serving foam in the cup. Quick and easy cappuccino preparation without moving the cup or glass
• Optiaroma function for selecting the amount of ground coffee used and consequently the taste and body of the coffee in the cup. Option to choose from 3 different degrees of light, medium or strong by rotating the impeller at the front of the machine
• Pre-brewing for even stronger aromas. A first wetting of ground coffee before extraction hydrates it, releasing all its aromas and flavors. Thus, during the extraction all the aromas and flavors of the coffee are transferred to the cup ensuring the best possible tasty result.
• Memo function that allows you to customize the amount of coffee in the cup and memorize it according to your preferences
• Self cleaning system. Automatic cleaning cycle activated when the machine is powered on or when it enters stand-by mode
• Notice of desalination
• Grinding mill with ceramic knives. Durable, 100% ceramic knives extract the most authentic coffee beans without overheating, guaranteeing long lasting performance, noise loss and the best effect on the cup
• Gaggia Adapting System: Automatic adjustment of milling parameters to ensure precise amount of ground coffee regardless of the choice of coffee beans
• Adjustable milling degree to 10 degrees
• Adjust the outlet to a height
• Automatic stand-by function
• A class of energy
• Outer housing: ABS


Dimensions (MxBxY): 256x440x340 mm
Voltage / Power: 230V / 1850W
Pump pressure 15 bar
Weight: 8.5 kg
Capacity of coffee beans 350gr
1,5lt water tank capacity


Product Type:
Espresso Machine
Features and Functions:
15 bar
1870 Watt
Suitable for making milk foam:
Water Capacity:
1,5 lt
No of Groups:
2 έτη


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