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Pharisäer: ο καφές του… υποκριτή, από την Γερμανία


Δυνατός καφές και μαύρο ρούμι για τα κρύα που έρχονται.

Coffee in Germany has been a part of everyday life and the German way of life since the Enlightenment, as Germany was one of the first European countries where cafes flourished.

For years, the Germans especially loved filter coffee, while espresso has naturally gained its place in the tastes in recent years, as well as throughout Europe. However, recipes that could be considered "traditional" German always have to do with strong filter coffee, such as Pharisäer!

Pharisäer: the… hypocrite's coffee, from Germany

Pharisäer, according to German gastronomy historians, appeared on the 19th in North Friesland, a region of Germany on the North Sea coast. According to the stories that have been recorded, this particular recipe appeared spontaneously during a baptism. The conservative pastor forbade his flock to drink alcohol, so the guests tried to trick him by throwing rum in their drink. In order to cover the strong smell of alcohol, they covered the cups with generous doses of whipped cream.

By mistake, they gave the pastor a cup of "fortified" coffee, instead of the plain one they had prepared for him, and so the fraud was exposed, with the furious priest calling all the guests of the feast "Pharisees and Hypocrites" and giving the drink the name of.

Today, of course, there is no reason to hide rum in our coffee, but Pharisaer remains a delicious recipe for the cold winter days ahead!


What do you need for a Pharisäer coffee?

  • 120 ml strong filter coffee
  • Crystal Sugar (ideally in cubes)
  • 40 ml black rum
  • Whipped cream


How is Pharisaer prepared?

  • In a wide and low cup, put the coffee, hot
  • Add sugar
  • Add rum
  • Add the whipped cream and serve!


Tips for a delicious Pharisaer

  • Traditionally, the recipe uses black rum, ideally from Jamaica, and with a high alcohol content, something that matches the low temperatures of Northern Germany. We can put whatever rum we want, but black definitely fits better.
  • We choose a strong filter coffee, such as Meiltta Ausleche from Germany or Buondi Craft Plantage
  • Instead of whipped cream, we can use whipped cream, for an even more authentic taste.
  • Let the sugar dissove on its own, while stirring our drink. Ideally, we use sugar in cubes.
  • Beware of calories: our drink contains whipped cream, sugar and alcohol and is definitely not suitable for diet!
  • We can of course prepare the "Pharisee" with espresso, calculating a double espresso or a lungo and reducing the amount of alcohol accordingly.

Is it cold, dark early and the atmosphere reminiscent of winter? No problem… with a coffee like Pharisäer, taken from the dark German winters, the atmosphere will be filled with warmth and coziness.