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Babyccino: a caffeine free "coffee" especialy designed for toddlers!


Everyone has the right to enjoy their coffee. Even the kids! 

We know that no matter how enjoyable coffee is, and as much as it benefits the human body, young children and adolescents are well placed to stay away from it, for a variety of reasons, mainly related to its active substance, caffeine. However, young children have a strong tendency to mimic and usually want to copy the habits of adults, and the appearance of several coffees is attractive to them. So it is not wrong when preparing our breakfast or afternoon coffee to prepare a drink for our toddlers!

What a drink to steal our little friends' hearts and allow us to enjoy our espresso without whinning? We can of course prepare hot or cold chocolate, but several cafes, especially in the US and Australia, serve a drink specifically for these occasions: Babyccino!

As you can imagine, Babyccino is a variant of cappuccino, intended for young children. Of course, it contains no trace of caffeine, but it consists of milk foam and hot milk. Due to its appearance, it gives the impression of a cappuccino, to which its name is due, as well as the texture of the cream milk infants.


What do you need for a caffeine free Baby Cappuccino?

  • 100 ml milk
  • Cocoa or Cinammon
  • Flavoured Sirop


How is Babyccino prepared?

  • Heat a mug of cappuccino, placing hot water in it
  • Heat half the milk, and put it in the mug. If using syrup, add a teaspoon.
  • Beat the other half of milk into foam and incorporate it into our mug
  • Serve with grated cocoa or cinnamon


Tips for easy babyccinos that every toddler will love

  • Syrup is not necessary, and always use it with caution, keeping in mind the calories. Υοu can find special syrups that are easily dissolved in drinks with different flavors like banana, strawberry, hazelnut, caramel etc.
  • If you have a milk frother, you can create perfect foam in seconds, otherwise you can use one of the alternative methods to make homemade foam.
  • Grated cocoa or grated cinnamon on top make the drink look more like authentic cappuccino.
  • Of course, you can add a tablespoon of cocoa instead of syrup to warm milk to give our Babyccino a chocolate flavor.
  • The ... name of the drink is coined by b. If you have children in adolescence, avoid calling it babyccino, because you may be faced with ... angry reactions.
  • Decaffeinated coffee is not a solution, as children and adolescents are well below the age of coffee.


For the next morning or afternoon coffee, don't forget your kids: whip their milk into delicious foam, sprinkle with cocoa, and serve in a mug of cappuccino. So everyone at the table will have their… coffee and everyone will be happy!