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Tropicalia, the coffee of the Brazilian summer


The best Brazil has to offer in a glass!

When we think of Brazil, most of us think of football, Carnival, Samba and of course ... coffee! Brazil is not only the largest coffee-producing country in the world, but also a country with a deep-rooted coffee culture, something that can be seen in the dozens of different recipes that come to us from the great Latin American country.

By Tropicalia, most people mean an artistic movement that flourished in Brazil in the 1960s, influencing mainly music, and secondarily other arts such as painting, poetry, cinema and the visual arts. Tropicalia's goal was to highlight the mosaic of different cultures that Brazil was and is, and to create a cohesive identity, happy, creative and open-hearted. Although short-lived, the movement has profoundly influenced Brazilian culture and is still debated today.

For Rio De Janeiro coffee shop guests, Tropicalia is also a cool, summer coffee, taking advantage of two of the most popular ingredients in Brazil: good coffee and coconuts! Frozen and refreshing, with coconut aromas and all the intensity of espresso, Tropicalia is what one needs for the hot summer of Brazil - why not, of course, of Greece as well?


What do you need for a Tropicalia?

A single espresso (30 ml)
150ml coconut water

How is Tropicalia prepared?

Extract the Espresso
Put it in a shaker with ice and coconut water and beat well
Serve in low glasses

Tips for refreshing and exotic Tropicalia

We use water and not coconut milk, which is dilute and not thick, with a sweet taste. We find it fresh or canned in stores with ethnic products.
We do not use sugar, as coconut water is relatively sweet on its own.
Many even add a shot of rum or cassava, for a more up-tempo version - not a bad idea.
Although the original recipe is extremely simple, there are versions that use lime, mango and even banana tea. With such a simple "canvas" and with a summer mood, the only limit is our imagination.
We choose a Brazilian coffee, ideally 100% Arabica, both for extra authenticity in taste, and to mix its delicate and complex aromas with the aromas of coconut.
If we want a stronger taste of coffee, we can use a double espresso (60ml) and reduce the coconut water to 100 ml
In Brazil it is usually drunk without a straw, but we, accustomed to our "traditional" freddo, can not change habits


BONUS: Τρεις Προτάσεις Καφέ με άρωμα από Βραζιλία

New York Monorigini  Brasile: Single origin, 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil. The notes of dried fruit and chocolate that characterize it, as well as the subtle acidity, perfectly fit Tropicalia.

Jacobs Barista Edition Crema Brasile: 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil, with Jacobs guarantee. Balanced with hints of hazelnuts and nuts, it is an earthy alternative to this exotic recipe.

Caffe Lab Alta Mogiana Franca: Single origin 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil, from the Alta Mogiana region. Its taste is complex, with notes of fruit, cocoa and biscuit, while its natural bitterness goes well with cold preparations.


Whether in Copa Cabana or on a beautiful Greek beach, there is nothing more refreshing than a good coffee - why not, from a Tropicalia!