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Indian filter coffee: simple but impressive


Fluffy and tasty coffee from the land of the monsoons.

India is a force to be reckoned with in the coffee industry, a country firmly in the top 10 coffee producing countries in the world. The southern coast of India is the first land, outside Ethiopia and Arabia, where coffee was grown, but also the station from which coffee trees first spread to Indonesia, the Caribbean and South America. Thanks to the seven seeds of the Sufi monk Baba Budan, India has acquired a rich, long tradition in coffee - and of course, a distinct culture around the drink.

Indians love filter coffee, with plenty of sugar and milk. Coffee is drunk throughout the day, morning, noon, and even at night, and there are many street vendors selling filter coffee in every part of the city. Since fluffy texture is highly valued by Indians, street vendors resort to various "tricks" to fluff up the coffee they serve: they usually pour coffee from one container to another in quick movements, which creates bubbles. in coffee, increases its volume and gives it a wonderful feeling. In the tourist areas of India, not a few wanderers have become a tourist attraction, as they have reduced these movements to an original show, which drives visitors crazy.

Indian coffee is relatively easy to prepare at home, as long as we pay attention to a few details that will turn a simple and conventional coffee filter with milk into coffee enjoyed by millions of Indians in the alleys of Bombay and Karnataka!


What do you need for Indian filter coffee?

2 tablespoons ground coffee
Or a cup of hot water
Or a cup of milk
2 tablespoons sugar (or, if desired)

How do is Indian filter coffee prepared?

- Prepare the coffee, ideally using a Pour Over coffee machine with a metal filter
- In a saucepan, heat the milk with the sugar until the sugar dissolves
S - erve the coffee in glasses, and fill with hot milk
- Pour the coffee from the glass into another vessel and back again, in order to "fluff" our coffee
 - Serve with some Indian sweets

Tips for excellent Indian filter coffee

 - In India, the locals use a very simple coffee maker, which is essentially a simple metal filter. - You can extract our coffee in a Pour Over coffee machine with a metal filter or, if we do not have one, in a French Press.
 - The Indians are famous for how sweet they drink their coffee, to the point of exaggeration. Authentic Indian coffee is almost like ... syrup, but you can reduce the sugar (and calories) if you wish.
 - Indian filter coffee has an intangible feel, something that is achieved with the constant, skillful "come & go" of coffee in metal utensils. If you do not want to take this step, you can simply whip the milk.
 - You can use sweetened milk (slightly diluted) instead of milk with sugar.
 - Traditionally, Indians serve their coffee in metal cups, but we can also serve it in porcelain cups. If you want to do the "trick" of traditional serving, a stainless steel espresso cup is exactly what we need.
 - Traditional serving requires technique and requires care: there is a risk of filling the walls of our kitchen with coffee, but also of burning hot liquids!


Bonus: Τρεις γευστικές προτάσεις που θα φέρουν την Ινδία στο φλιτζάνι σας!

Καφές Espresso New York Monorigini India Monsooned 250g: Single origin, 100% Arabica from the coastal areas of India. Thanks to the monsooned treatment, it stands out for its sturdy body and spicy character, while the cup has notes of chocolate and nuts.

Καφές Espresso Caffè Lab India Monsooned Karnataka 250g: Single origin, 100% Robusta coffee from India, from the Karnataka region. The monsooned treatment makes it one of the highest quality Robusta coffees you will find on the market. The aromas of dark caramel and its firm body will excite those looking for a solid espresso in a delicatessen version.

Καφές Espresso Cosmai Caffè Raja 250g σε κόκκους: Single origin, 100% Robusta coffee from India. Its complex taste profile, reminiscent of caramel and chocolate, its sturdy body and its intense aroma can make even those who are prejudiced against Robusta ... convert.


If you want to be transported to New Delhi or Karnataka at the moment, a good, authentic Indian coffee, a metal cup, plenty of taste and ... let the show begin!