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12 + 1 coffee professional reveal their secrets!


A cafeteria or a coffee shop have their own distinct challenges. 13 professionals help barists and business people with simple, practical advice.

Work in the field of coffee is particularly demanding, full of anxiety and requires adaptability, constant alertness and insistence on detail. Either from the point of view of the businessman, or from the barista's point of view, coffee is a profession that requires constant evolution, close monitoring of the course of the store, and often the attention of dozens of small factors. How can a modern barista or coffee shopper improve their product, stand out and make a difference?

We have 12 + 1 simple tips from people with experience! The following tips were collected in 2017 at the London Coffee Festival and are wisdom spirits from distinguished professionals in the field who do not theorize but simply carry their own experience after years of rubbing and dealing with coffee. Most respondents are baristi, but there are businessmen among them. Advice, of course, is primarily aimed at catering professionals, but even amateur coffee lovers and home baristas are sure to benefit if they follow more or less the following tips!


What's the key to success for a coffee shop?


"Always use high quality freshly ground coffee. Whatever extraction you can get from espresso to Cold Brew, make sure the difference in quality is always found in the glass. " Philip, Dripster Coffee Co.

"Good coffee, good equipment, and constant, continuous practice." Tom, Volcano Coffee Works

"Always keep your equipment clean. Exercise your moves until they become routine. " Eric, Small Batch Coffee

"Keep your equipment and your bench clean!" Dan, Origin Coffee Roasters

"Focus on the customer. Technique is conquered, but interaction with the customer has its own significance. Do not make the coffee you like, try to understand exactly what coffee wants to drink the one you have over you. "Ancis, Rocket Bean Roastery

"Give importance to always producing constant quality and taste espresso. Treat coffee as a cocktail, where precision plays an important role. Good coffees are easy to find, quality shops are harder to find. "Anson, Ozone Coffee Roasters

"Treat your processes with reverence, without concessions, from start to finish" Ross & Chris, Hand-Roasted Coffee

"Make your customer's overall experience as important and distinct as the coffee you serve". Adam, Allpress Espresso

"Respect your machine. Follow the rules. It stays stuck in the right proportions. If you have a shop, it is better to be good and stable, too risking outrageous fluctuations. " Ben, La Marzocco

"When it comes to Latte Art, do not overdo it. Start with the basics, learn them good, and be patient until you can move on. Dan, Oalty

"Clean your machine! The cost of a dirty machine is unpredictable »Grady, Wogan Coffee

"The stable product is the key to success. Invest in good scales. Drink lots of coffee to practice your palate. Do not be afraid to ask and ask yourself. Listen to your customer. "Matt, Caravan of Coffee

 "Adapt to the shop you are working on, or if you own it, make sure your team works harmoniously. The balance between speed and quality required by a coffee shop needs a team that can always work as efficiently "Alex, Greencup Roasters.


By studying the words of professionals, most of whom are extremely successful in their field, we can summarize that the success of each new focusing business lies in simple but crucial steps: in cleanliness, in the stability of the finished product, in continuous practice and persistence in detail, in the automation of processes, until these become "routine", but also in the right "tuning" of the team that makes up the staff of the shop, and of course, the respect to the client.

Coffee is not an easy job. But it is a job that, if done properly and professionally, always rewards both the entrepreneur and the workers. It is important, in the end, to serve the customers they deserve!


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